St. John’s student diversity: 56 nationalities, 32 languages

St. John’s is known for celebrating the diversity of its community. All nationalities, beliefs, cultures, and background are welcomed with open arms in the school. Each year, many new students from around the world join the school over the summer and this year is no different.

A large number of students have two or three nationalities. In total, the student body at St. John’s now represents 56 nationalities from around the world. From China to Brazil, Norway to South Africa: the world truly comes together at St. John’s!

2017 languages and nationalities (2).jpg

In addition, students speak a total of 32 languages, including Creole, Kiswahili, Setswana, Urdu and many others. At recess, you will hear a large variety of languages spoken between students. 1

We are delighted and proud to have such a diverse community with a truly global representation!