Grades 1 and 2 explore the senses

IMG_8848.JPGLast week marked the end of the first Unit of Inquiry for our grade 1 and 2 students. Our little explorers turned into scientists for the first five weeks of school and discovered how we use our senses to connect to the world around us. After several weeks of researching and learning about the five senses, the students were given the opportunity to create their own experiments with objects brought from home.

The Grade 2 Sense Exhibition took place yesterday. One group had displayed two piles of ‘mystery white powder’. Everyone thought it was flour and sugar at first sight. By using their other senses: touch, smell and taste, they quickly realised that it was a trick and that the two piles were actually made of baby powder and powdered sugar.

“Look, I have a hole in my hand!” said Achille. Achille did not actually have a hole in his hand but was just experiencing one of several optical illusions,  demonstrating how our brain and eyes work together – or do not. To explore sight further, some students were even able to find an ‘ABC’ book in braille in the ES Library. How do you think “Kangaroo” spells in braille?

What a fun and successful exhibition for our Grade 2 students. They now will be taking part in the experiments concocted by the younger students of Grade 1.