Timbertops students open their mud kitchen

We had the pleasure of inaugurating our amazing Mud Kitchen in the Timbertops playground last week.

Jonathan, one of our maintenance team members, made it from scratch. We would like to thank him again for this wonderful project!

As teachers, we feel that playing outside, using nature, discovering the properties of sand, mud, leaves mixed with water is essential to becoming a well-balanced person. The children love experimenting, they love “cooking”, they collaborate, they become Risk-Takers, it also allows the child to make new friendships.

This free approach to learning through nature play helps the children develop their own identity and use their bodies differently. We are letting them be and do. This goes along with the Reggio Emilia approach, which we are implementing in Timbertops.

Having more nature playing equipment is a value for our playground. And the children are enjoying it as well, walking on logs, playing under the willow tunnel, and hopefully, there will be more to come!


By Ms. Jourion, Kindergarten teacher