Grade 8 student sees snow for the first time

IMG_1646.jpgWhen the first snow of the school year fell last Thursday, our students were very excited. What we sometimes forget, though, is that some of our new students have never seen snow before. Ahmed, in 8th grade, is one of these students. His family moved from Oman this summer and joined St. John’s in August.

We asked Ahmed about his first snow experience:

“I had a great time especially when it was actually snowing, it looked so beautiful and I didn’t want to enter the school building because of it, but of course I had to. Later that night, my dad and I wanted to go grocery shopping but our house is kind of in a lower ground than the street, so there is a ramp for us to go up. Unfortunately, our car lost traction and refused to go up so we had to walk. It was so nice seeing the whole place covered in snow and we occasionally laughed at cars not being able to go up tiny slopes and stopping the whole road. After that my 2 sisters and I built a tiny snowman until my mom made us go inside. I had a great time and I wished it would never go away.”

We hope for Ahmed and his sisters that the snow will come back soon!