Students discuss historical figures who were never recognised

The Myth Hunters

Grade 10 students, and members of the Myth Hunters, Sydney and Minnah recently gave a presentation on historical figures who were never recognised.


Rosalind-Franklin.jpgMrs. Rosalind Franklin and the double helix. Born in 1920 England, and went in 1951 to King’s College to study DNA (as an assistant). Three male scientists took her data which was detailed and published their accounts in the same journal. Franklin’s work was put at the back of the book behind the male scientists who got the Nobel prize. She died of cancer and never received credit.

Grace Fryer and Catherine Donohue were two girls that found the negative effects of RADIUM that was used in factories during WWII. They Advocated for Women’s rights, made employers responsible for their employees, Created-life saving regulation for Occupational Safety. They both suffered from the radium and died of it. Radium took 5 years to show the first signs of symptoms; holes in bone structures.


Cold War 1962: 16 Russian submarines in Cuba who held a nuclear missile in each ship.  The captain of this fleet decided to fire his missile however you needed the consent of three high officials. One of them was Vasili Arkhipov, he refused. The other two wanted a war. Vasili was bullied and pressured but he didn’t give in. Vasili saved us from a nuclear war but was killed by a shipmate on the way back to Russia.

Chiune Sugihara was stationed in Lithuania during WWII. He was told to only give visas to Nazis who wanted to escape to Japan. However, he handed 1800 visas to Jews and Polish refugees saving several from the Nazis. He and his family were contained for 3 years before being released.