Alumnus works on first 3D printed bridge

19623045_835946676573730_5451027193339576320_nBarney Salsby graduated from St. John’s in 2013. We caught up with him to see what he is doing now.

“Since graduating from the University of Bath with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering earlier this year, I have been working for a 3D printing company in Amsterdam, building the first 3D metal printed bridge.

Considering the field I’m currently in and how a vast majority of the roles that exist today did not exist 5 years ago, it is interesting to consider how degrees and careers are changing and evolving all the time. When I was in High School, I certainly had no idea about my career but I wish someone in my shoes had stimulated some reflection to help create this juxtaposition between what is valued by your environment and what is valued by you as an individual. You may find yourself dedicated to a certain career path only to find it has become obsolete by the time you finish your studies.

With technology evolving so fast, I feel it would be nice to hear about the exciting fields that are emerging and hopefully inspire certain students whilst at the same time share some of the life lessons I have learned along the way. ”

Needless to say, we have invited Barney to come back to campus and share his story with our High School students!