St. John’s Darts team wins the Brussels Cup

img_20180220_132634.jpgYesterday, our Varsity Darts went to the European School in Laeken to take part in the Brussels Cup. One of the outstanding dates on the darts calendar. The St. John’s team was led by 12th-grade student Alek, who demonstrated his excellent leadership skills by winning 15 points from the 18 available to him. His accurate and focused darts inspired the rest of the team. Laeken was chasing St. John’s after the first set and that is pretty much how the match continued as the distance between the two teams began to grow.

Both teams had two females members and Jessica from the St. John’s team won the prize for the highest score in the tournament – 115 (180 is the highest score possible). 

This was St. John’s fourth appearance in the Brussels Cup, we had lost the previous two tournaments. This time it would be different: St. John’s powered into an early lead which eventually became unassailable, with the final score 46 – 20. 

You can see Alek proudly displaying the Brussels Cup – a great achievement and a superb team effort. A big thanks to Alek, Jess, Silja, Vlad, Jose and Rian.

By Mr. Macdonald, Varsity Darts coach