Life is a marathon

Savannah and TomMany of you reading this will remember my daughter, Savannah O’Hare, class of 2012.  Some of you will remember her father, Tom O’Hare who taught at St. John’s Elementary School from 1996 – 2003.

This story is actually Savannah’s story so I will let her speak in her own words:

“As many of you already know, in September 2017 my dad had a cardiac arrest at his home. The East Anglia Air Ambulance brought the hospital to my dad’s front door (quite literally) and helped transport him to the hospital, saving his life and giving him the best chance of recovery. If it weren’t for the amazing people at the EAAA, this story could have a very different ending –so I will be forever grateful.

To help make sure that the EAAA can continue saving lives, I’m running the London Marathon 2018 (*screams internally*). I am not “a runner”– never have been – but the amazing journey through recovery my dad has made this past year has inspired me to accomplish things that I never thought possible in myself, much like how dad has accomplished feats that even medical professionals deemed unlikely.

All donations are obviously welcome – no matter the size – and I hope some of you can come along on the day to cheer me on (or at least drink a pint with me afterwards), as I know I’ll need it!”

If you would like to contribute to Savannah’s London Marathon run for the East Anglia Air Ambulance you can do so through this web link:

For those of you that did not know of Tom’s situation and are wondering how he is doing, while his life is forever changed, his recovery is a miracle.  Tom suffered global brain injury from oxygen deprivation but the human body is incredibly resilient.  His recovery is ongoing and each day brings success and challenges but Tom soldiers on.  His teaching career sadly ended and whether Tom will return is unknown at this point.   Miraculously, Tom continues to live a relatively normal life with his wife, Sarah, in Bedfordshire, England.

Thank you for supporting the EAAA on behalf of Savannah and Tom.

By Dawn Rutland, ES Librarian