Grade 8 shows its appreciation to non-teaching staff

Grade 8 advisory initiated an activity to appreciate non-teaching members of the community. It was an opportunity for students to take time to realize and appreciate the roles and effort made by various members of the community. Some of them remained faceless until today; someone we have never met before but works every day to make our lives easier at school – and doing it with a smile!

It was a weeklong activity. The students prepared and decorated hand-written “thank you” notes addressed to individuals. They also baked waffles during advisory time. The waffles were nicely wrapped and personally delivered to the staff in various departments – cafeteria, security, cleaners, maintenance, admissions, librarians, secretaries and more. The reception was overwhelming with few tears and hugs. Students felt proud and fulfilled for making a positive difference in someone’s life today.

“It was very touching to see the positivity spread by this activity. The staff were impressed and the students were moved by their response. Our team received a lot of thank you notes from staff. My personal favourite is when one of the maintenance staff told me later that the thank you notes are a lot sweeter than the waffles.” Ms. Sharavanan

The student reflected on the activity:

“Yesterday, we delivered the cards and the waffles to non-teaching staff.  The staff were so surprised and appreciative of the presents. One of them even cried!  Giving the presents, and seeing the reactions of staff, made me feel so good inside.” – Sarah

“I felt like good about giving the waffles and the notes to non-teaching staff. They seemed very happy and excited about it and they were very thankful. I gave one to Marie France and she was very happy about it and she gave me a hug.” – Thomas 

“Yesterday, the 8th graders handed out letters with messages in them and nicely packed waffles to non-teaching staff. In my opinion, this made them very happy and made them realize that we all appreciate what they do for us. A few staff also cried which made us realize that such simple things could make someone’s day. We will surely be doing this again! Thank you to all the non-teaching staff at St. John’s, I don’t know what we would do without you!” -Sara


by Ms. Sharavanan