Grade 5 performs for our youngest students

For the past few weeks, each grade five class practised classic fairy tale plays with a twist. The plays were called slurping beauty, the cheetah and the sloth, and the Popsicle girl. We presented it to pre-K throughout grade 1, transformed into a world where popsicles run wild, princesses slurp their soup, and talking animals have incredibly unpredictable races. Unfortunately, two fifth graders could not make it play their part, so brave Julia and Radek took on an extra part without hesitation. We even had one individual who improvised surprisingly well, so nobody could actually tell. Despite the difficulties, the performance was full of laughs, meaningful morals and overall, lots of fun! Fifth-grader Charlotte states that “it was fun to see the little kid’s reaction to the interesting twists of the three goofy plays.”      


By Ashlyn, grade 5 student