Expert tips on supporting your child’s education

29136773_10155566635781747_1558871510625919018_nThis week, Ms Clarissa Farr, Senior Advisor at the global group of premium schools, Inspired (, held a talk for parents at St. John’s International School on the topic of supporting your child’s education. Here are some quotes from her talk:

“Our role as parents is to enable, not frustrate, that process of separation and self-definition.” 

“Don’t try to micromanage and take away all the obstacles. Children learn from making mistakes They need to develop resilience and the ability to bounce back.”

“Every child has its own capability and talents. Let your child make his/her own decisions about subject choices and academic interests as they go up through the school – and about a university. This is their life.”

“Get well informed about your child’s education but be able to step back from the school’s work – they are the professionals – and this is not your world but your child’s world.”

“Children are both more connected and more isolated because of their use of technology.”

“A world in which the dominant sense is the eye, exemplified in the amount of time spent at a screen is more and more thought to be a contributory factor in teenage mental health problems.”

“Children today are much more attuned to global problems and to want to make a difference than previous generations.

“Skills for the future – what are schools doing? Adaptability, teamwork and problem-solving. A world in which collaboration to share the world’s resources is going to be more important than a competitive race to get more of those resources for themselves – being more deliberate about developing those skills – the IB has this embedded in its curriculum.”

“At the same time, we all need to pay attention to our own development, creating enough challenges but stopping short of what might overwhelm us, so that we can continually grow in our capability to become the best version of ourselves that we can be.”

The talk was followed by an interactive discussion on various topics related to the theme of parents supporting their child’s education. We would like to thank Ms Farr for sharing her insights and advice.