Grades 7 and 8 Review Historical Timeline

shutterstock_124822267After studying two History units in Individuals & Societies, Grades 7 and 8 students reviewed highlights of events from the history of Exploration and Renaissance (Grade 7), and the Industrial Revolution, American Revolution and French Revolution (Grade 8). The students were divided into groups of two. Each group had to draw a timeline of events with about twenty previously chosen significant events, ranging from the beginning of Renaissance to the exploration of the Americas to the beginnings of slave labour and rise of wage labour in the Industrial Revolution and the invention of machines and technologies and the political revolutions in North America and France.

At the beginning of the timeline activity, twenty historical dates were given to each group. Then, they needed to consult and look at a timeline of world history to find and formulate a one-sentence description of the event that happened in each historical date. Only one of the two members of the group could look at the main source of information without making written notes. This reader then reported back orally to the group partner what was read. The information was then written. The same procedure was repeated by the other partner until the group finished filling in the details of the twenty historical dates. The first group to finish the task won the contest and got a recognition.

The result of the activity was a fast search of information without the use of electronics or laptops. Just an old-fashion world history timeline, a piece of paper, a pen, and the ability to read, talk and write.

By Mr. de la Cruz, MYP Individuals & Societies teacher