Shocking discoveries in grade 6

Alexis and Anna, Grade 6 students, tell us about their discoveries:

In Science, we are learning about Electricity and Energy transfer. This week our focus was on Static electricity. Before we started we had a very faint idea of what it was. Anytime we think of static electricity we thought of rubbing the balloon to your hair to make it stick out or the electric shock that we feel when touching the doorknob on a winter day. We did not know the science behind it.

First, we learnt in class about how objects get charged up by Friction, Conduction or Induction. After doing a lot of fun activities involving static electricity, we now have a clearer idea of what it is and how it works. Some of our favourite activities were to make a bell (made out of tin cans) ring by bringing a charged balloon next to it and to make a charged up straw to follow our finger. Afterwards, we did the experiment we answered questions about the experiment and how it works. The questions included multiple choices and some detailed answers as well.

We learned a lot compared to what we knew before and we all enjoyed doing the fun experiments and cannot wait to do more.