The importance of teaching students public speaking

IMG_6056 (Copy).jpgResearch shows that children who are taught speaking skills perform better in maths, science and reasoning tests. From the earliest grades, teachers support students to find their voice. The children continue to build on their skills throughout school, until arguing an opinion and defending with research are almost second nature to them. They’re also more likely to get a good job and find themselves in leadership roles.

At St. John’s, we teach our Elementary School students, from as young as 3 years old, to-®A2pix_FGarrido215 (Copy).jpg speak and perform in front of an audience. In Middle/High School, our MYP students have “Public Speaking and Debate” as a standalone subject, while our Grade 11 and 12 students engage in many debates in the various courses. All these elements result in St. John’s students becoming articulate, confident, respectful and convincing speakers, well prepared for a university and professional career.