Grade 8 showcases population project at Gallery Walk

The Grade 8 students of MYP Individuals and Societies staged a Gallery Walk on Friday. They presented their research-based Infographic on Demographic Profile of a Country. Each student chose a country to present. Research questions are: What factors affect the population of human societies? What are issues and challenges that result from those factors? What do governments and citizens do in response to those issues and challenges?

Margaret Richardson helped set up a Class One Note to guide students plan, find sources, make notes, label images, make the bibliography of sources, product design an infographic and reflect on the learning process. Grade 8 students showed their research documentation through Class One Note to interested younger students. Dr Betsy Sutherland provided technical assistance to Grade 8 students in navigating infographic designing and printing, especially for students with BYODs. Thanks!

The Gallery Walk took place along the bridge corridor and the connecting corridor that leads to MHS Music Room. The main audiences were Grades 6 and 7 students during MS Assembly Friday last period. Middle School Grade 8 parents, teachers, administration and visiting Inspired board members also attended.



By Ven de la Cruz, Middle School Individuals and Societies and Religious Studies Teacher