Life is a Marathon – Part II

In March I posted the story of my daughter, Savannah, who ran in the London Marathon to support the East Anglia Air Ambulance.  EAAA were the first responders responsible for saving the life of Savannah’s father, Tom O’Hare, who taught at St. John’s Elementary School from 1996-2003.

This is the rest of the story.

The weekend of the London Marathon was unusually warm with predicted temperatures to reach 22°C/72°F.  The warmest Marathon on record.  Savannah had done her due diligence regarding the training and while she was extremely apprehensive, she was ready.

We were able to follow her on the mobile app during the race and she was making good progress.  We met her at the 20 K and as you can see in the photo, she looked and felt amazing.  We saw her again 800 meters from the finish line after her battle with the wall.   Tearful but courageous, Savannah continued to the finish line.  Crossing it after 6h and 22m.

A HUGE thank you to all who contributed to her success.  She met her monetary goal and was sincerely touched by those in the St. John’s community who gave because they know her, remembered her father or simply love the spirit of St. John’s in action.

By Dawn Rutland, ES Librarian