Art show “Fabric of Life” opens October 5

Fabric of Life -poster copyWe invite you to join us for the opening of the art show “Fabric of Life – The Art and Craft of Patchwork and Quilting” on October 5 from 17:00-19:00 in the Greene Gallery VPAC.

The participating artists are Catherine Blackburn, Annie Bruce, Teresa Ebbs, Mary Ferguson, Breeda Foody, Clare Hope, Maggie Rose, and Cheryll Williams.

Often but not exclusively associated with feminine creativity, patchwork quilts embody the oldest of virtues, thrift, in which necessity is the mother of invention. The quilt, both practical and symbolic, is charged with meaning from both memory and association.

This exhibition brings together creative work from a community of Brussels quilters who meet regularly to share, learn from and support each other in their artistic endeavour.

Traditionally, patchwork and quilting have been essential for supporting the family and domestic economy from the cradle to the grave. Quilts have been used to mark births, marriages and life events for centuries, and this exhibition is a celebration of the modern interpretation of this diverse art form.