Grade 8 solves a science mystery

Grade 8 has just learned about the properties of matter and different categories with which properties can be classified.

In this lab activity, they observed the properties of 4 “known” chemicals (Baking soda, Ascorbic acid, Cornstarch and Baking powder) and recorded how these chemicals behave when they react with various liquids (Water, Bromothymol blue, Iodine and Vinegar).

Each group was then given a “mystery” powder which could be either one of the “known” chemicals that have just tested or a combination of them. Their task was to determine the identity of the “mystery” powder by observing how does the “mystery” powder reacts with the above-said liquids and compare it with that of the “known” powders.

This exercise was to reiterate the concept that every substance has some characteristic properties that are unique, which will help us to identify the substance.