St. John’s committed to student service to others

IMG_8147At St. John’s, we encourage and value student commitment to service to others. Our High School students have a large array of service projects they can participate in. Apart from the IB Diploma Programme Creativity, Action, Service Programme (CAS) requirements, our Grade 9 and 10 students are also expected to join two of the activities.

Here is the list of the many activities currently available:

Name Description
National Honour Society Students of high academic standing with a record in service and leadership engage in peer tutoring and organize certain academic events throughout the year.
Debate Society Students who enjoy arguing engage in debate in a polite way.
Varsity Darts Club Students get together at lunchtime and play darts in preparation for competitions against other schools.
Amnesty International The club raises awareness and funds for different causes.
Oxfam Students raise funds for Oxfam by selling its products at school.
Giraffe Project Students help bring education to the children in the poorest parts of Kenya. They raise money through various fundraisers to allow the project to build schools.
Lion’s Tale Students run our online student newspaper, which allows articles to be written about pretty much anything, ranging from arts to comedy to anything one can think of. They also have quizzes and weekly horoscopes.
International Award It is basically rigorous CAS along with adventurous journeys (where students go hike, camp, and cook for themselves.)
Qhubeka Students organize numerous fundraisers to help buy bikes for people in Africa.
Relay For Life and Relay Recess Students raise funds and participate in Relay for Life to help fight cancer.
Arts Support Program Students are involved in helping out during Arts events.
In the Groove Students play different records, listen to them, and appreciate them together.
HS Dance Afterschool Students choreograph and dance to compete in the Dance ISSTs and perform at the School-Wide Dance Showcase.
Bus Monitors HS students maintain order and safety for all passengers on their bus
Front of House Manager Students organize all promotion and ushering for the musical and other Performing Arts events.
Prom Committee Students organize the prom and arrange the venue, the menu and the music. They raise money for it as well.
Student Council Students are in charge of planning high school events such as dances and spirit week, and consult with the administration on various issues.
Theatre Tech This is a small group of students in charge of lighting and sound for all school productions or events that involve tech. They definitely deserve everyone’s respect, as they are the reason our shows look so good.
Chess Club Students play chess. It is just as straightforward as it sounds.
MUN and Model NATO Students debate international relations and represent the school at conferences.
Project GAIA Students investigate any environmental issue that they would like to. The GAIA garden includes a greenhouse and an insect motel.
Drama Club Students put on a Spring Play.
Programming Club Students who already program teach students who are interested in learning how.
Maitland Cottage/Born in Africa Students raise funds for a hospital and schools in South Africa. Members of the club visit South Africa and volunteer on-site.
Choir Students sing songs from all over the world and perform multiple times throughout the year.
Chamber Orchestra Students are part of our school’s orchestra and perform at concerts.
Instrumental Music Students learn and practice how to play various musical instruments.
Dramatic Productions Students sing, dance, and act, as well as work backstage or run theatre tech.
Gay-Straight Alliance Students talk about LGBTQ+ issues and general questions. It is a safe place for this type of discussion and a great group to be in. They also host various events to bring awareness.
Red Cross – Alsemberg Refugee Centre Once a month students go to a refugee centre. It is an extremely fulfilling experience where students colour or play sports with young kids to brighten their lives.
Myth Hunters Students explain myths and educate each other on these discoveries. They investigate things that people believe and debunk them if they are untrue.
Art Gallery Curators Students help to set up for art exhibitions. For aspiring artists, this is a real opportunity to learn what running a gallery is like.
After-School Activities Students help out during after-school activities for younger students.
Poetry club Students get together and write, read, and discuss poetry.