Grade 9 experiences the life of World War 1 soldiers

IMG_1119.JPGGrade 9 visited Ieper last week to enhance their studies of the First World War. The whole grade took on the role of an Australian Platoon and followed in their footsteps from 4th October 1917.

We periodically stopped and the students would read out a story about a soldier they hadIMG_1133 taken on (these were all real World War soldiers). At one stage, a student read a story about what happened to Lieutenant Hart and how he died on 4th October. At this time, an older lady appeared who said he was her great uncle. She had come all the way from Australia and brought a cross to mark the spot of his death. She arrived right as one of our students read the story. A case of incredible timing and coincidence which made for a fantastic moment.

The role-play activity extended the students’ knowledge of the First World War from their classroom activities. A great learning experience was had by all.

By Mr. Macdonald, MHS History teacher