Inspired Global Camps

  As a member of the global Inspired Schools Group, we are thrilled to invite all our students to register for an Inspired Global Camp in 2019. Based in Europe and Kenya, these vibrant camps are designed to offer unique experiences that are vastly different from a conventional school day. Children can travel, connect, learn and play in an idyllic natural setting. Find out more and book your camp at: Continue reading Inspired Global Camps

Grade 9 experiences the life of World War 1 soldiers

Grade 9 visited Ieper last week to enhance their studies of the First World War. The whole grade took on the role of an Australian Platoon and followed in their footsteps from 4th October 1917. We periodically stopped and the students would read out a story about a soldier they had taken on (these were all real World War soldiers). At one stage, a student read a story about what happened to Lieutenant Hart and how he died on 4th October. At this time, an older lady appeared who said he was her great uncle. She had come all the … Continue reading Grade 9 experiences the life of World War 1 soldiers

St. John’s committed to student service to others

At St. John’s, we encourage and value student commitment to service to others. Our High School students have a large array of service projects they can participate in. Apart from the IB Diploma Programme Creativity, Action, Service Programme (CAS) requirements, our Grade 9 and 10 students are also expected to join two of the activities. Here is the list of the many activities currently available: Name Description National Honour Society Students of high academic standing with a record in service and leadership engage in peer tutoring and organize certain academic events throughout the year. Debate Society Students who enjoy arguing engage … Continue reading St. John’s committed to student service to others

Creating animals in Kindergarten

During a Math in Focus activity, the students created their own animals.  They were asked to make a plan of their animal using the Interactive White Boards.  This reinforced our Units line of inquiry: parts of the body.  Once they created their animals they counted the different parts of the body they used, like how many hands, how many legs, and so on. This was a creative way to build Unit vocabulary, practice one-to-one counting correspondence and number formation.   By the Kindergarten team Continue reading Creating animals in Kindergarten

Welcome to our new teachers!

Each school year, we welcome new teachers from around the world to further strengthen our faculty and staff. This year is no exception and we are excited to have a larger number of new colleagues with extensive experience in international schools around the world. If you have not yet met them all, you will soon through the Back-to-School nights and other school events. Please welcome to the St. John’s family: Elaine Purves                                Head of School Joanna Havenhand                  … Continue reading Welcome to our new teachers!

Grades 7 and 8 Review Historical Timeline

After studying two History units in Individuals & Societies, Grades 7 and 8 students reviewed highlights of events from the history of Exploration and Renaissance (Grade 7), and the Industrial Revolution, American Revolution and French Revolution (Grade 8). The students were divided into groups of two. Each group had to draw a timeline of events with about twenty previously chosen significant events, ranging from the beginning of Renaissance to the exploration of the Americas to the beginnings of slave labour and rise of wage labour in the Industrial Revolution and the invention of machines and technologies and the political revolutions … Continue reading Grades 7 and 8 Review Historical Timeline

St. John’s alumna turns comedian

We met up with Grace Baldridge, class of 2009, to see what she is currently doing. Please tell us about your life after St. John’s. Life after St. John’s wasn’t exactly smooth. I attended Smith College in Massachusetts, solely to play basketball, but I tore my ACL early in the season. I left after a year and moved in with my parents who had moved from Belgium to Kentucky. Ouch. During my year in Kentucky, I attended the local community college, coached a High School basketball team and tried standup comedy for the first time. After that, I knew I needed to work in entertainment, so I transferred in Elon in North Carolina. My time at … Continue reading St. John’s alumna turns comedian

St. John’s alumnae thrives in telecom role in Canada

Sigrid Valentin, class of 2010, spent her entire school career at St. John’s. We spoke to her about her experience and about life after St. John’s. Please tell us about your life after St. John’s? Life after St. John’s started with moving to beautiful Montreal where I received my Bachelor of Commerce at McGill University. I personally don’t think I could have ended up in a better place to do my undergrad. McGill is an eclectic school with people from all walks of life who come together in an incredibly creative and supportive community. This type of environment really fed my sense of adventure and inspired me to seek out a variety of … Continue reading St. John’s alumnae thrives in telecom role in Canada

OBVERSE Art Exhibition: transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary

‘OBVERSE’ is an exhibition of works by Audrey Atkinson and Stephanie Slabbert which will open in The Greene Gallery on Friday January 19th from 16:00 – 18:00 Obverse: The opposite or counterpoint of a fact or truth. Corresponding to something else as its opposite … Continue reading OBVERSE Art Exhibition: transformation of the ordinary into the extraordinary